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Multiplying our impact by doing good in our communities and yours:
10% of our quarterly profits will be donated to a rotating non-profit organization.
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Current recipient

 Islamic Relief USA logo

Over 11,000 Palestinians in Gaza have been murdered by Israel's government in just 1 month. They've been denied food, water, electricity and medical supplies. Homes, hospitals, and refugee camps are destroyed using weapons and tactics that the international community recognize as war crimes. Islamic Relief USA is working on the procurement and stockpiling of water, food and non-food items including blankets and mattresses for winter, and medical supplies, to be delivered once a pathway in Palestine for humanitarian aid is established.

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Current Recipient

 Hawaii Peoples Fund logo

Hawai'i People's Fund aims to support low-income families, houseless communities, service workers, people with disabilities and people who are incarcerated, as well as Indigenous communities, immigrant communities and communities of color, who are disproportionately impacted by crises such as the recent fires in Maui. They see grassroots, community-based organizing as essential for providing care to everyone, at this moment and everyday.

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