Garden Heaux - 2023 Art and Olfaction Awards Finalist

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Kiera Rooker
Complex and interesting but fleeting

I was so excited to finally get my hands on the fragrance many lauded as walking through a summer vegetable garden. The initial application is very much tomato leaf herby freshness. I was ecstatic. As it dried down it gave a much soapier scent until finally it wore away after a few hours to where it as mostly undetectable. I wish I could just hold onto that first application throughout the wear, but I understand that’s probably hard to attain. Really interesting profile but just don’t think it wears on me well, personally.


Just WOW! The dewy green tomato vine at the heart of this is so intoxicating and exactly what I’d hoped for. Love this brand!


I stared with a sample and ended up buying a bigger size. Someone in a video described this as a good fit for fans of Peter Rabbit and I think that’s apt.

Very Fresh!

This scent is very fresh with a bit of a kick to it. The tomato leaf and grassy notes make this really great for a sunny spring day or anytime in the summer. Also great to sniff in the middle of winter and be reminded of the nice weather to come 😅
I sometimes use a bit of this in combo with Happy Trails when I want to wear that one but need to lighten it up a bit.

Morgan Davis
Unexpected Fascinating Match

It is not at all what I would expect to be me from the description...but I loved it from the sample card immediately...and then it was even better put on. Does have all the vegetal smells, but also far more complex. It has become my favorite to wear.